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Crochet Potholder

This isn’t my pattern. It’s on the internet and in Ravelry in a couple of different places now, but I know that there are always people looking for it and it’s not always easy to find. The link to the Rav entry for this version is here. My Mom has some of these potholders that are probably older than me and they hold up great! I already have a stack of about ten so the ones you see here will probably be my last for quite some time. And this pattern is so easy, that I’ve done this in a movie theater during the movie with no problems. Comments have been turned off due to being overwhelmed with spam.

I use a G hook and a worsted weight cotton yarn. As long as you like the fabric you produce there is no wrong answer.

First, make a chain. The longer the chain, the larger the potholder. Here I started with 33 chains. SC three times one chain from the hook. SC in each chain stopping one before end. SC three times in that last chain. Now you’re going to SC back on the opposite side of the chain. The top part of the below photo shows the turn and coming back on the other side.

starting row

This potholder is worked in the round, but in a spiral rather than distinct rows. When you get back to the initial three SC, SC directly into the first one rather than a slip st join. Keep on SC-ing in every SC around. It’s a little finicky the first several rounds on the ends, but it’s worth the effort! You can work either on the “inside” or “outside” by changing the curve of the ends. I tend to work on the inside, but the green one I’m working on the outside. The right side shows outside and the left side shows inside.
beginning to see shape

Keep SC-ing around until the edges meet when you fold them together. The left one shows the folding and the right shows the completed potholder. Before you seam the edges together, you can chain 12 to make a hanging loop. I close the seam with a regular old standard running stitch through both strands of the loop on opposing SCs. Make sure to pull it tight in the beginning or your loop can eventually start pulling out. The variegated potholder has 37 starting chains so you can see the slight difference in size. I used less than 98 yards to make the green one and I should be able to finish the larger one with just one skein of Sugar’n Cream. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do!

finished potholder

Copyright 2008 Michelle Gibbs for all content and photos. All rights reserved. You may not sell this pattern. If you’d like to sell items made from this pattern that’s fine, just don’t sell the pattern!

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